Some want to blaze their own trail and succeed.

Others must. They are not just motivated, they are obsessed.

Such drive is the root of every victory. In everything.

They become the elite and have only one speed.

Full throttle.

They are Rowdy Rodders.

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Brand Manifesto

Drive it like you stole it.

Our Story So Far

We are traditional hot rod enthusiasts, builders, mechanics, pin stripers & designers who have returned to the roots of hot rodding as a lifestyle. Whether your a street rodder, hot rodder, or just love grease and the smell of burning rubber, we make apparel for the entire high-performance family! We design Rowdy Rodder Hot Rod Apparel for the culture we love. Look for us at a car show near you.

Our Mission and Approach

We are a proud American Energy Drink & Hot Rod Apparel company dedicated to saving as many Pit Bulls as we can, but we need your help.

We donate 10% of our profits to Pit Bull Rescue Shelters & Groups.

Our Delicious Energy Drinks come in a variety of flavors and our comfortable Apparel Products include T-shirts, work shirts, trucker hats & skull caps, jackets, women’s apparel, and more.

Resident Artists

Our consumer products are like classic cars. There are a lot of great designs.
We work with American artists, designers & gear heads to develop authentic quality products.

The Valuable Team Members

The Rowdy Rodders are a car club and family. We talk about cars and all things that rumble.

Keeping Great Company

Send us a picture of you wearing Rowdy Rodder apparel and we will add you to our gallery. You could win RowdyRodder prizes & swag.


We take pride in our AMERICAN MADE products and are committed to comfort, quality and top notch customer service.


Design is our passion, happy consumers is our reward.
We strive to make every consumer experience as perfect as possible.


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